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Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Clear Biome


This slightly specialised innovative formula uses synergising micro biome technology of four skin specific strains of healthy gut bacteria with zinc to support compromised skin, as well as skin suffering from stress, and helps to balance and clear skin from within.

– Works from the inside out to clarify complexion
– Works to balance the skin’s natural barrier
– Brightens skin
– Helps support gut flora
– Supports skin health
– Supports skin immunity

The skin-friendly strains are fused with zinc, which is recognised for its multiple benefits for skin, to further skin balance and complexion clarity. The formula is housed within a protective matrix to ensure active bacteria reach the area of the gut where they are most needed. To further preserve ingredient integrity, quality and activity, these Skin Clear Biome™ capsules are pristinely packed in nitrogen-flushed, aluminium pods.

Suitable for all skin types. Our experts recommend taking one capsule daily with food.

Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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